What is 3D Nipple Tattoo?

3D nipple tattooing is done on reconstructed nipples or on breast tissue to create the appearance of natural-looking nipples and areolae. There are many advantages to choosing 3D tattooing of the nipple alone, including:

  • Avoiding surgery that creates new scars
  • Easier healing and recovery process
  • Fine details and coloring can be added to the nipple tattoo for a natural appearance
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Who is a good candidate for 3D Nipple Tattoo?

Individuals who have undergone breast reconstruction and would like to achieve a natural-looking breast can benefit from 3D nipple tattooing. Those who wish to avoid additional surgeries often opt to have this procedure. However, those who have undergone radiation treatments that have damaged the breast skin, who have had lymphedema that involves the chest, or have a history of infections in the breast area may not be a good candidate for nipple tattooing. The best way to determine candidacy is through a consultation appointment at our office.

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Patient Results

Breast reconstruction surgery is often a life-changing experience for our patients. Our goal is to help our patients feel whole again after undergoing breast cancer treatment.  View our gallery to learn more about the various reconstructive surgeries performed by our board-certified plastic surgeons at Tucson Plastic Surgery.


3D Nipple Tattoo Procedure

Tattoos are applied with needles that insert pigment into the skin. 3D tattooing of the nipples can be done to create a realistic image of a nipple that appears to have physical dimension. The nipple tattoos are truly a work of art, using ink shades that naturally match and complement your skin tone, as well as shading, shadows, and artistic details for beautiful results. It is best to wait until the breast skin has healed completely from any reconstruction surgeries before undergoing 3D nipple tattooing for the best outcomes.

Recovery Process

3D Nipple Tattoo Recovery

1-2 Weeks

Following 3D nipple tattooing, it is important to avoid soaking in a pool, hot tub, or bath until the tattoo is completely healed. A scab or crust may appear on the area, but do not peel it off, as this can peel away the ink of your tattoo as well. Generally, the tattoos will be healed within two weeks. Over time, the pigments may fade or change, which may call for a tattoo touch-up.

Be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s specific recovery instructions regarding tattoo care for the best possible results. If you experience a fever, pain around the tattooed area, or increasing redness or warmth around the tattooed area, contact our office right away.

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If 3D nipple tattooing interests you, contact Tucson Plastic Surgery today to learn more! Your first step will be to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our plastic surgeons, during which you can discuss your 3D tattoo goals, as well as ask any questions that you may have. Our team’s main priority is to help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire while taking into account your health and safety. At Tucson Plastic Surgery, we take pride in our promise to always perform each surgical procedure with the necessary precautions and safety steps.

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