What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure performed to rejuvenate the upper third of the face above the eyes.  With aging, many people develop deep creases and furrows across the forehead and droopy brows, which can make the face look heavy and tired. By removing excess loose skin on the forehead and repositioning the underlying muscles and tissues, a brow lift can correct a heavy, sagging brow and restore a smoother, more youthful forehead contour.

Since the upper face ages together with the lower face, a brow lift is often combined with a facelift to restore youthful and harmonious facial features. Other procedures that can be safely combined with a brow lift include upper or lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and skin resurfacing.

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Who is a good candidate for Brow Lift?

Individuals interested in improving the appearance of deep lines or wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, and sagging brows can benefit from a brow lift. Ideal candidates are in good general health, non-smokers with realistic expectations. The best way to determine if a brow lift is right for you is through a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

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Dr. Kurtovic is amazing in so many ways. She is friendly, sincere, honest and you should definitely trust her expert opinion. I was a little hesitant myself, but I am so thankful I let her…
- KJ
Dr. Kurtovic and her staff are amazing. They are all so friendly, caring and professional. I would highly recommend her.
- DT
Dr. Kurtovic and Dr. Mahabir are incredible. Not only did they give me beautiful results with my surgery, but also kindness, attention to detail, and they listened to what I wanted. I couldn’t be happier…
- CW

Brow Lift Procedure

Surgical techniques designed to rejuvenate the brow and forehead areas include a minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift, and a traditional coronal brow lift.

With an endoscopic brow lift, small incisions are made behind the hairline which results in inconspicuous scarring. An endoscope (a slim, metal tube with a light and camera attached) is used to view the treatment areas, this allows for release the forehead soft tissue, followed by repositioning of the brows to a more youthful position. 

A more traditional approach involves a coronal incision, made through the hairline across the top of the head between ear to ear. Through this larger incision, the forehead skin and soft tissue are lifted and brows repositioned. The resulting scar is closed and concealed within the hairline.

Every patient is unique in the amount of forehead skin sag, creasing, and brow droop. In your personal consultation, we will determine the best surgical technique to address your concerns and give you a natural, youthful result.

Recovery Process

Brow Lift Recovery

1-2 weeks

A brow lift is performed as an outpatient procedure, under general anesthesia. Recovery time following a brow lift is similar to a facelift, with swelling and bruising that lasts between 10-14 days. It is recommended that you keep your head elevated for at least one to two weeks after surgery to minimize swelling. Patients may initially experience numbness and itching as the incisions heal, and these symptoms dissipate over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a brow lift be done under local anesthesia?

While it is possible to perform a brow lift under local anesthesia, general anesthesia is typically preferred.

Does a brow lift get rid of forehead wrinkles?

Smoothing wrinkles in the forehead is one of the primary reasons for a brow lift.

Does a facelift include a brow lift?

A facelift does not include a brow lift. However, the two procedures can often be combined to address wrinkles and sagging in both the upper and lower parts of the face.

Does brow lift change eye shape?

A brow lift is not intended to change the shape of your eyes. However, it can adjust the shape or arch of the eyebrows. If you want to change the overall eye shape, a blepharoplasty may be an option.

Does endoscopic brow lift raise hairline?

An endoscopic brow lift does not raise the hairline.

Does insurance pay for brow lift?

Insurance does not generally pay for a brow lift, as the procedure is considered cosmetic.

How can I lift my eyebrows?

A surgical brow lift can effectively lift the eyebrows. This can include either an endoscopic brow lift or a traditional coronal incision brow lift.

How can I raise my eyebrows in one day?

Some non-surgical procedures, such as Botox injections, may produce a subtle lift of the lateral brows with little downtime. However, these are typically less effective than a surgical brow lift, which does require a short recovery period before final results are visible.

How do I know if I need a brow lift?

Some signs you may benefit from a brow lift include deep lines and wrinkles on the forehead and sagging brows.

How long do brow lifts last?

Brow lift results are not considered permanent, because the natural aging process will gradually change the appearance of your face after surgery. On average, brow lift patients can enjoy their results for 10 years or more.

How long does a brow lift last?

Brow lift results typically last 10 years or more. This is because the natural aging process will resume after surgery, meaning some wrinkles or sagging will eventually appear.

How long does numbness last after brow lift?

Side effects such as numbness can vary for each patient. Typically, some sensations will return within the first few weeks after surgery. Brow lift patients may have some degree of numbness that persists for up to a year.

How much does a brow lift cost?

Brow lift costs will vary for each patient. The national average cost of a brow lift is $3,900.

How much is a brow lift?

The final cost of a brow lift will vary depending on factors such as your surgeons fees and facility fees. The average cost of a brow lift in the U.S. is $3,900.

Is a brow lift permanent?

Brow lift results are not permanent, because the natural aging process will gradually resume after the surgery. However, the results are long-lasting.

Is eyebrow lift dangerous?

Like all surgeries, there are some risks in brow lift procedures. However, the surgery is generally considered safe, especially when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Is eyebrow lift surgery painful?

You will be prescribed pain medication for your recovery period after a brow lift. This makes the experience minimally painful. It is common to feel tightness, tingling, or minor discomfort in the forehead as the area heals.

What age should you get a brow lift?

The best age for a brow lift will vary, as patients will see signs of aging at different rates. The average brow lift patient is between 40 and 65 years old.

What can I expect after a brow lift?

After your brow lift, you can expect some swelling, redness, and mild to moderate discomfort. Numbness or itching are also common as incisions heal. The recovery process is usually complete within two weeks or less.

What is a direct brow lift?

A direct brow lift is an open technique in which incisions are placed directly above the brows.

What is a mini brow lift?

A mini brow lift is also known as an endoscopic brow lift. This procedure is completed by making very small incisions and inserting an endoscope, or a slim tube containing a light and camera, into the treatment area.

What is endoscopic brow lift?

An endoscopic brow lift is a less invasive brow lift technique that involves inserting a small surgical camera into small incisions in the treatment area to complete the surgery.

What is the difference between a brow lift and blepharoplasty?

A brow lift is a procedure that corrects drooping brows and wrinkles in the forehead. A blepharoplasty addresses sagging or drooping in the eyelids.

When can I wash my hair after brow lift?

You can wash your hair after your brow lift sutures are removed.

Will brow lift cause hair loss?

A brow lift may cause hair loss at the incision site. Hair typically regrows as the area heals.

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