What is a Midface Lift?

A mid-face lift is a surgical procedure that addresses sagging on the cheeks and the surrounding area. For many individuals, a traditional FACELIFT may not address the upper cheek and lower eyelid areas of the face like a mid-face lift does. This procedure results in a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance for years to come.

A mid-face lift can address the following:

  • Heaviness below the cheeks.
  • A hollow look below the eyes.
  • Sagginess or lax skin near the cheeks.
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Who is a good candidate for a Mid-Face Lift?

Those who are looking to rejuvenate the look of their mid-face area, which includes the cheeks and area under the eyes can benefit from a mid-face lift. Patients who are overall healthy, non-smokers with a positive outlook on their procedure often see the best results. A consultation with Dr. Mahabir or Dr. Kurtovic is needed to determine if this procedure is right for you.

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Patient Results

Your face is the first thing that people see and it’s important to make a good impression, not just for others but also for your self-confidence! Whether you’re looking for an anti-aging rejuvenation or wish to alter your facial features for a proportionate, enhanced look, we can make it happen. View our gallery to see the beautiful results you can expect from a facial plastic surgery procedure at our office.


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From start to finish not only was this the best customer service experience I’ve ever had but they also listened to my concerns, put me at ease, and truly only do what’s best for your…
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The staff was amazing from the minute I walked into the office! The office is beautiful! They greeted me right away both times, made me feel very welcomed, and comfortable. I had two consultations, 1…
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Dr. Kurtovic is amazing in so many ways. She is friendly, sincere, honest and you should definitely trust her expert opinion. I was a little hesitant myself, but I am so thankful I let her…
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Mid-face Lift Procedure

When it comes to the mid-face lift procedure, there are two main surgical techniques used, including the traditional mid-face lift and the endoscopic mid-face lift. Each technique has its own pros and cons but can both be used to rejuvenate the mid-face. During your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, you can decide on which technique is best for reaching your aesthetic goals.

Traditional Mid-face Lift

During the traditional mid-face lift procedure, small incisions will be created in the hairline near the temples, and sometimes also in the lower eyelid. Fat and tissues and then adjusted through these incisions and the skin of the mid-face is pulled up for a tighter, more youthful appearance. This procedure generally takes about two hours to complete, depending on the amount of change that is desired.

Endoscopic Mid-face Lift

During this procedure, small incisions are created, through which an endoscope (a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it) will be used. This allows your plastic surgeon to perform the mid-face lift with fewer incisions, and in turn, less scarring.

Recovery Process

Midface Lift Recovery

4-6 weeks

Following a mid-face lift, bruising, swelling, and discomfort may occur. You may be prescribed pain medication to help with any discomfort. Most patients can return to their normal daily routines after about a week, but strenuous activities or exercise should be avoided for several weeks. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions regarding recovery for the best possible results. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any post-op questions or concerns.

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