Our mission is to inspire hope, confidence, and authentic self-discovery through the power of plastic surgery.

Our brand logo represents an agave plant morphed into a bud. In Aztec mythology, the agave plant is considered sacred and symbolizes passion and transformation. This resonates deeply with our mission, and the agave as a “bud” celebrates the beautiful growth and transformation that we often see in our patients after they undergo surgery.

Our Story

We are two individuals with a passion for helping people feel confident in their bodies. Being a part of our patients’ positive transformations is what drives us — happy patients make us happy!

Throughout our surgical careers, we noticed the need for a human element within the traditional health care model. This motivated us to build our own practice with the goal of humanizing the patient experience.

As partners in work and in life, we chose Tucson to make our dream a reality. We are excited to share our plastic surgery practice with you, so you can experience the difference for yourself. We crafted our space with intention. Our nature inspired and human centered environment was designed with you in mind. We invite you to start your journey of transformation with us — and can’t wait to meet you!

Awaken Your Senses

Feel Elements of Healing

We brought elements of nature and art into our interior design to evoke a sense of serenity and well-being throughout the space. Our goal is to help patients feel safe and supported throughout their surgical journey with us.

Intentional Design

We chose colors and textiles that are warm and organic to bring a sense of calm and peace to the space. Large windows allow natural light in. Our furniture has soft flowing lines that emulate curves seen in nature and in the human form.

Custom Fragrance

We developed our very own custom fragrance called “Purify”, with notes of Agave, Shiso Leaf and Heirloom Wheat. This fruity, exotic fragrance gently permeates the space to bring a feeling of  morning sunlight, hope and brightness throughout.

Live Plants

We have several varieties of live plants throughout the space to help improve air quality with more oxygen, lower stress and improve the overall mood.


Our waiting area is spanned by a 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt wall, that contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts that have proven health benefits on respiration and oxygen flow in the body. Himalayan salt releases naturally occurring negative ions which reduce tension and stress by purifying the air that is often contaminated by harmful positive ions released from things like electronic devices.


You will experience various works of art including paintings, drawings and sculptures of the human form, and photography of nature. We hope you enjoy our curated pieces as much as we do, and that they help bring you a sense of joy and well-being.

Before and After


Our highly experienced surgeons will listen to your needs and create a customized surgical plan that will leave you feeling your best self.


Patient Reviews

Had a wonderful experience from the Pre-op to post-op! The Pre Op nurse was amazing, she was explaining everything and very kind! Thank you for making my experience so wonderful!
- LH
I cannot recommend this place enough, as well as Dr. Mahabir. I got breast augmentation surgery, and i was very nervous as i’ve never had surgery before. But him and his staff were so reassuring,…
- AD
Words cannot express how much I appreciate the entire team at Tucson Plastic Surgery. Being diagnosed with breast cancer has led me down a road I never intended to go. The care and compassion that…
- MM

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