While the same facial rejuvenation and facial sculpting procedures available to women are also available to male patients, facial surgery on men has very different goals.  The techniques for surgery are altered to accommodate straighter, stronger, more angular facial features.  The surgical plan is bespoke and great care is taken to ensure that you still look like yourself and not overdone.  Men’s facelift surgery can effectively reduce signs of aging, including facial folds, wrinkling, and sagging skin. This treatment addresses both the midface and lower area of the face, giving you the sculpted facial contours you desire. At Tucson Plastic Surgery, our facelift techniques address sagging skin, and the underlying tissues to revive your appearance.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a procedure that rejuvenates and sculpts your face. This surgical treatment addresses lost facial fat, soft tissue volume, thinning skin, and sagging tissues that cause facial wrinkles. The surgery improves signs of aging in the face and neck, allowing for a more sculpted, youthful jawline and tightened appearance.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Facelift?

Men dissatisfied with the appearance of sagging or aging skin on their face and neck can benefit from a facelift procedure. This surgical treatment will reduce your sagging skin and wrinkles. To have surgery, you must be in good health, non-smoking, and must be realistic about what the surgical procedure can accomplish. To determine whether you are an ideal candidate for a male facelift procedure, consult with Dr. Mahabir at Tucson Plastic Surgery.

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Facelift Surgery

Your male facelift procedure will be individualized to on your goals and needs. Dr. Mahabir considers the amount of loose skin, level of volume loss, and cosmetic goals you have. Our advanced facelift techniques help to restore volume while removing the appropriate amount of skin, allowing for a more contoured and youthful face while not looking overdone.  A natural, authentic but rejuvenated you is the ultimate goal. 

Your procedure will begin with our board-certified anesthesiologist administrating general anesthesia. Once asleep, an incision will be made inside the ear, behind the ear and down the posterior hairline.  Through these incisions, Dr. Mahabir will sculpt and redistribute facial fat, tighten muscles, reposition underlying tissues, re-drape the skin, and remove excess tissues.

Recovery Process

Facelift Recovery

*4-6 Weeks

Your facelift is an outpatient procedure, allowing you to recover in the comforts of your own home. Your face will initially be wrapped in bandages to reduce swelling, and a small drain will be placed to drain fluid from the surgical area. It would be best if you kept your head elevated and waited to resume your usual activities until two weeks after surgery. Since the healing process varies from one patient to another, Dr. Mahabir will instruct you when you can return to your usual activities. Temporary side effects include bruising, swelling, and bleeding, which will reduce within a few weeks. You must protect your skin from UV rays during recovery because this can impact your healing process and affect how your scars fade. Your facelift results may still be affected by the expected effects of aging.

Most results last at least 7-10 years.  Optimal men’s skin care, which is included in your face lift, will help your results to last even longer.

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