Meet Jeanine McTasney

Jeanine McTasney CPCP, FAAM, is a remarkable professional and a tenacious entrepreneur working in the aesthetics industry since 1982. Having entered the industry as an Electrologist and Manicurist and taken her basic fundamental course in 2001, Jeanine is pursuing a career in the permanent make-up industry as a natural transition. Inspired to become a global expert in her field, she is refining her skills in her successful private practice, enabling her to become a successful Restorative Tattooist.

Currently specializing in all types of restorative procedures, Jeanine is a force in her industry and a pacesetter with significant contributions. Her unique ability to build and maintain incredible working relationships sets her apart from those around her. She has partnered with physicians in 4 states, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. She also maintains a small private practice in Southern California. Her advanced trainings and experience qualify her as an expert in skin, scarring, and restoration. Being the direct referral technician for several Breast Cancer centers, allows her to continue serving an exceptional clientele. Jeanine’s brow and breast philosophy, regarding chemotherapy has informed her study at Breastlink in Orange, Calif. It has also enabled her to launch the Changing the Face of Cancer program.

Jeanine’s passion is filled with integrity and devotion to her patients and students. She uses effective and efficient communication skills, attention to detail, time management, and organization, always bringing her best self to the task with a positive attitude and a smile in order to get things done. A basic fundamental cosmetic tattooing education teacher since 2005 and Restorative advanced training courses instructor, Jeanine has achieved and influenced great success.

Inspired by her intense desire to teach, Jeanine created an online class platform – Restorative Tattoo Training, as a means to help students learn some of the basic fundamental information. She hopes students will have a better understanding of Areola Restoration before they seek out a hands-on class.

Outside working, Jeanine loves spending time with her family and friends. She also loves engaging in self-development activities that inform her creativity. With the belief that students are placed last on the priority list, they are in fact the root and foundation of our communities. To build strong communities, we must all fortify the root! This is her motivation towards helping students achieve their full potential.

Jeanine’s Credentials

Licensed in the Following

State Licensed in New Mexico for Permanent Cosmetics

State Licensed in California for Electrolysis (since 1982)

State Licensed in California for Manicuring (since 1984)

Jeanine has taken the time to be recognized by the national association SPCP, as a CPCP professional. Also recognized by the AAM as a Board Certified Technician (FAAM).