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Sientra brand breast implants are proven to be high-quality, with unrivaled safety standards, superior longevity, and excellent results for breast augmentation and reconstruction patients. Sientra implants are composed of a silicone gel that closely mimics the look and feel of natural breast tissue. They are both soft and strong, making the implants long-lasting and resilient over time. Sientra implants have a low rate of capsular contracture and a 20-year warranty, double the typical 10-year warranty of most breast implants. They are the highest-rated silicone implants in the U.S. among patients on top sites like RealSelf.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Shape

When selecting your Sientra breast implants, you have the choice between round or teardrop shapes as well as the projection of the breast implants. Teardrop shape implants more closely resemble the natural shape of a breast, with a natural slope at the top of the implant and a majority of fullness in the lower portion of the breast. Round implants create an overall fuller look, designed to increase volume at the top of the breast while still appearing and feeling natural.

Once you have decided on your preferred implant shape, you can also choose between varying projections. Sientra implants are categorized by five different projection levels.

  • Low projection: minimal fullness at the top of the breast for a more subtle or natural look.
  • Moderate projection: a full look with a slightly rounded appearance at the top of the breast.
  • Moderate Plus projection: fuller with a rounded top.
  • High projection: overall fuller look with a noticeably round top.
  • Xtra High projection: fullest look with a very round top for dramatic results.

Finally, you can choose between varying implants of different volumes (or sizes) measured in cubic centimeters (or cc’s). The best implant volume for you will depend on the proportions of your body, your desired outcome, and other factors. During a consultation, your plastic surgeon will consider factors such as balance with your frame, symmetry, and your cosmetic preferences to help you choose the best implant size for you.

Choose Your Breast Implant Materials

Sientra offers implants composed of proprietary silicone gel formulations. These cohesive gels are available in two degrees of softness. High-Strength Cohesive Gel (HSC) is a softer implant material that still maintains the desired shape and fullness. HSC implants are designed to mimic the feel of natural breast tissue. High-Strength Cohesive Plus Gel (HSC+) implants are considered more cohesive, meaning that they hold their shape and are slightly firmer in texture. They hold their shape more firmly than HSC implants while avoiding an overly stiff texture. Sientra does not manufacture saline implants. If you decide a saline implant is your preferred choice we receive those from another company.

Implant shells may also be either smooth or microtextured. Smooth implants are a popular choice with a softer feel compared to textured options. They tend to move more freely and more closely mimic the feel of natural breast tissue. Textured implants have a slightly thicker shell to create a firmer feel, which can help patients avoid sagging or unwanted changes in shape after augmentation or reconstruction. Sientra’s implants are considered “microtextured,” meaning that the texture of the implant shell is less rough compared to other brands for enhanced safety.

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Breast Implant Safety

Safety is the first priority in any plastic or reconstructive surgery procedure. Sientra implants are highly rated for safety. The silicone material found in Sientra implants is used in many medical devices thanks to a high degree of biocompatibility. The implants have a low rate of capsular contracture, rupture, or other complications.

If you are considering implants, you may have heard concerns about BIA-ALCL, a cancer of the immune system associated with some textured implants, resulting in implant recalls. Sientra offers microtextured implants, which have the lowest number of BIA-ALCL patients of all U.S. implant brands. During a consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss all health and safety considerations and answer any questions you may have, choosing the safest implant options available.

Tissue Expanders for Breast Reconstruction

Some breast reconstruction patients require tissue expanders following their mastectomy to gradually create a breast pocket suitable for their long-term silicone breast implants. Sientra offers state-of-the-art tissue expanders including AlloX2 expanders, which have a unique two-port design allowing your surgeon to build up fluid within the expander less invasively compared to other options. Your surgeon will explain your tissue expander options as you plan your breast reconstruction.

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