Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation: An Alternative to Implants

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Women who are interested in breast augmentation tend to think of implants as the only option for getting larger, fuller breasts. Although this was the case for many decades, an exciting new option is now available. Sometimes called natural breast augmentation, this option uses fat grafting to enhance the size and projection of the breasts. Here’s what to know about fat transfer breast augmentation and how Drs. Mahabir and Kurtovic can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

What is Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation?

The breasts are composed mostly of adipose tissue, most typically referred to as fat, and glandular tissue. Fat grafting refers to the process of transplanting fat cells from one area of the body to another – in this case, the breasts. Fat cells are harvested with liposuction from areas like the waist, stomach, or hips. After the adipose tissue has been harvested the fat cells are carefully injected into the breast tissue. Because the procedure is all-natural, using the patient’s own tissue, breast fat grafting can be an excellent alternative to implants if women desire a more subtle augmentation look.

Best Candidates for Fat Grafting

The all-natural fat transfer procedure can be a great option for patients who are looking for a subtle small enhancement in breast volume and would like to avoid using implants. Women who have droppy saggy breasts, would benefit from a breast lift in addition to fat grafting as a lift is sometimes needed to reshape the breast and reposition the nipple to a more perky and youthful shape. Performing fat transfer along with a breast lift is one of the best combinations for women looking for natural enhancement of the breasts as well as a reduction in sagging. While a breast lift with fat grafting will restore lost shape, position, and volume to the breasts, there are a couple of caveats to this procedure.

Fat transfer is only able to increase breast volume up to one cup size per procedure. When fat transfer is performed, about 70% of it survives long term. For this reason, some women opt to undergo more than one fat grafting procedure when they are interested in a larger volume enhancement with fat grafting. In addition, significant weight changes over time will affect the grafted the fat cells in the breast tissue. With weight loss, the fat cells will shrink and breast volume will decrease, and with weight gain the fat cells will enlarge which will increase the breast volume.

Women who are very lean with minimal donor fat, may not be the best candidates for fat transfer as a method of breast augmentation, as they typically don’t have enough fat to transfer.

Recovery From Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation

Most patients tolerate fat grafting breast surgery well and recovery averages three weeks. The breasts will be bruised and swollen, however not to the same extent as breast implant surgery. Although there are limits on activity for 2-3 weeks after surgery, recovery is generally quick and easily tolerated.

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