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Breast procedures are as popular as ever, but with changing trends in beauty standards, we have seen similar changes in the types of breast procedures our patients are asking for. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends and what we expect to see in the years to come.

The biggest and latest trend in breast surgery is toward a more natural and authentic look. Patients don’t want to look like they’ve had a breast augmentation; they want natural-looking enhancements. When patients come into Tucson Plastic Surgery for a consultation with Dr. Kurtovic and Dr. Mahabir, they often have conversations about which implants are best for their body type and proportions rather than which are the biggest or will provide the greatest enhancement.

With this in mind, we have also been noticing a lot of women coming in looking to downsize their implants and wanting a smaller, more natural size. With smaller implants, many patients also need a lift to ensure they achieve the youthful, perky breast position they want. Because of this, we’ve also seen an increase in breast lifts as well. They are up 30%!

We’ve also noticed a large increase in the number of patients coming in for breast reduction. There has been a 54% increase since 2019! Breast implant removal and replacement have been on the rise as well.

Breast Augmentation vs. Lifts

While lifts are seeing a larger increase than breast augmentations, patients will always be looking for breast augmentation no matter what the current beauty standards are. There will always be a subset of women who are born with smaller breasts and are looking to enhance them.

As for the 30% increase in breast lifts we’ve seen since 2019, it’s likely due to the trend towards smaller breasts. In the past, patients had an augmentation and a lift, while presently, they are only having the lift. Or, in some cases, they want a lift and fat grafting.

Patients can achieve the smaller perkier look they want with a breast lift and selectively add fat where needed with grafting. And by taking the fat from an area where you don’t want it, it’s a win-win.

How Does Society Impact Cosmetic Surgery

Society’s beauty standards can change from year to year, and they can greatly affect cosmetic surgery and which procedures are more popular. For example, now that smaller, more natural-looking breasts are the “ideal,” we are seeing breast reduction and smaller implants rise in popularity.

With more and more high-profile people adjusting their appearance, the public tends to follow that trend fairly closely, and specific cosmetic procedures become more popular as well.

The trends often start before many people even begin to notice them. For those who really pay attention to fashion and the industry, you could see the trend towards a more natural look in Paris 4-5 years ago. It then became more and more popular and is now making itself known throughout America.

The next big trend for breast procedures will be breast fat grafting. Plastic surgeons have been doing fat grafting for breast reconstruction patients for two decades now. The technique has gotten much more refined, and cosmetic surgeons have gotten much better at it. The fat survival rate is now greater than 70%.

Additionally, with the use of the micro-droplet technique, there are far fewer lumps and bumps. The results are also much more stable with fat grafting and won’t need to be redone in 5-7 years.

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